The Great War Exhibition opens the next in a series of temporary exhibitions

The Great War Exhibition continues to build on its world-class story by opening the next in its series of temporary exhibitions, Wounded on Anzac Day 2017.

Created by Story Inc, a New Zealand company which creates stunning exhibitions for both New Zealand and International Institutions.

The overall exhibition utilises specifically selected images with audio tapes of extracts read from diaries. This dynamic exhibition portrays the afflictions and hardships New Zealand servicemen received during the many conflicts over the four-year three-month war.

In World War One, nearly one man in every five in the New Zealand forces was killed.

Tens of thousands more were wounded or became sick.

Many of them were wounded more than once.

Many of the wounded died young.

Many who lived on had their lives blighted.

Wounded is open until July, followed by the next temporary exhibition, Patriotism and Opposition.