About The Great War Exhibition

Located in the historic Dominion Museum Building, within the beautiful Pukeahu National War Memorial Park, The Great War Exhibition is a national legacy project. Opened in April 2015 it takes a wide and chronological look at the Great War – at all forces and countries involved. The stunning artefacts ranging from a full-size tank to tiny figurines engaged in trench warfare, depict the trials and horrors of war. The lives and experiences of New Zealanders who served and lived during that time highlight the bravery and enduring spirit which helped shape who we are as a people and what it means to be a New Zealander.

The Great War Exhibition is run by the National Military Heritage Charitable Trust. The Trustees are Hon. Fran Wilde (Chair), Sir Peter Jackson, Lt. Gen. (ret) Rhys Jones, Bryce Barnett and Richard Austin.

Fran Wilde describes The Great War Exhibition, “Sir Peter Jackson has created a poignant tribute to those who lived through this pivotal time in history”.

The Exhibition tells the story of the First World War in brilliant colour. It brings the ordeals of this pivotal time in history into the modern day, melting away 100 years, and helping us to understand the hardship endured by those served and those who stayed behind.

There is no black and white in the Great War Exhibition; you will see the war as the people of the day saw it – in vivid colour. Hundreds of black and white photographs have been painstakingly colourised to bring the trials and tribulations of that time into the modern area.

The Great War Exhibition is always evolving with Chapters of the Great War, a series of new temporary exhibitions which tell some of the lesser-known stories of the First World War.