Dissent Sculpture in the Making

On ANZAC day in 2016,  a sculpture appeared on  Wellington’s waterfront to highlight the courage of those who refused to serve in the military. Story Inc. used eight rolls of packing tape, many meters of cling-wrap and a good dose of kiwi ingenuity to recreate the sculpture for Dissent, the second episode in our seven-part Chapters of The Great War series of temporary exhibitions.

The sculpture, a central piece of Dissent, depicts a conscientious objector being subjected to ‘Field Punishment No. 1’. In the First World War, four New Zealand objectors were subjected to this punishment  – tied tightly to posts near the front line and left for many hours, day after day.

Hear their stories at Dissent. For a behind-the-scenes peek at the rigors of sculpture creation, see the Story Inc. team recreating the sculpture here.

Soon we’ll be posting more insider information – about how Story Inc. developed the audio visual show for Dissent.

Sculpture Peace Action Group