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For further information on the New Zealand in the First World War and Pukeahu please explore the links below.

War Timeline

This wonderful timeline, created by the staff at the WW100 office, covers the First World War from the declaration of war to the signing of the Treaty of Versailles. Included are lesser known events of the War such as:

  • The introduction of conscription in NZ
  • The Battle of Rafah
  • German raiders laying mines off the coast of New Zealand
  • New Zealand’s blackest day at Passchendaele in October 1917
  • The Liberation of Le Quesnoy

The Great Hall

Discover the global story of the First World War in the Great Hall. This exhibition explores the changing face of the conflict year by year from 1914 through to 1918.

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ANZ Presents Gallipoli

ANZ Presents Gallipoli: The New Zealand Story in Colour, is a special space in the Exhibition which focuses on New Zealand's role in the invasion of Gallipoli. It touches on the incredible hardship that was suffered by New Zealanders, Australians, the Ottoman Turks and British soldiers at Gallipoli.

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