Lochnagar Crater Today Feature

Our Exhibition recently appeared in an article in Lochnagar Crater Today, a newsletter produced by the Friends of Lochnagar, who maintain the extraordinary crater at La Boisselle on the Western Front on the Somme.

The article, From Little Towns in a Far Land, mentions war memorials and commemorative events in New Zealand, and was written by editor, Rob Kirk, who was in New Zealand earlier this year.

The article states,  “Many visitors head for the big museums in the cities. The capital city of Wellington, for example, has two major exhibitions. One is created by Sir Peter Jackson, the Lord of the Rings director. It’s at the Dominion Museum Building and is called The Great War Exhibition. It’s staged with filmic panache, with life-like tableaux showing a horse artillery unit trailing a field gun, a heavy gun battery, a tank crossing a German trench, and an Allied trench scene.”

“In one gallery, you walk over a glass case in the floor containing ‘soil from Longueval’, from the fields where 6,000 troops from the New Zealand Division tasted their first combat in France at Delville and High Woods, and the successful attack on Flers. 600 died, including 52 from the Maori Pioneer Battalion.”

The article also mentions Gallipoli: the Scale of Our War, at Te Papa Tongarewa (The Museum of New Zealand ), which is within easy walking distance of The Great War Exhibition.

Friends of Lochnagar Crater keep the crater site as a place of remembrance, reconciliation and peace. For more information about Lochnagar Crater, click here.