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Our exhibitions manager, Ian Wards has been sharing his expertise in an outreach programme, mentoring smaller museums. Ian has been creating exhibitions for twelve years and previously worked for National Services Te Paerangi, at Te Papa, in a museum development role, assisting museums in the North Island.

When Ian hosted Maryann Cowan, senior curator from Ashburton Museum, to discuss exhibition development and planning, they discovered a special connection between the The Great War Exhibition and Ashburton Museum. The Ashburton Guardian ran the story on their front page.

Museum Outreach by The Great War Exhibition

“The Great War Exhibition is on a different scale from our museum in Ashburton,” Maryann continues. Our whole exhibition space would fit in one corner of the Gallipoli gallery.”

Maryann enjoyed her time at The Great War Exhibition, saying; “The exhibition has brought the First World War to life by telling the story through coloured photos that you otherwise only see in black and white.”

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Connection to war exhibition