Pukeahu Historic Tours – Wellington City Heritage Week

The Great War Exhibition are thrilled to be hosting specialty tours during Wellington City Heritage Week (23rd – 29th  October).

Fascinating Pukeahu historic tours

Let our knowledgeable tour guides take you on a journey through layers of fascinating history at Pukeahu National War Memorial Park.

Understand the history at Pukeahu, Mt Cook, in the heart of the city and how it was transformed from a site of Maori occupation, to a military barracks, and now a site of national remembrance.

Pukeahu Historic Tour
Great War Exhibition tour guide, Chris Harp, will show you tunnels from the First World War as part of the Pukeahu Historic Tour (Wellington City Heritage Week 2018).

More information about Pukeahu Historic Tours is available here.

Wellington City Heritage Week, 23rd – 29th  October, explores Wellington’s people, places, and stories through tours, exhibitions, open properties, films, and discussions. Over 20 events are spread through the week, suitable for all interests and ages.

Pukeahu Historic Tours Wellington City Heritage Week