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Driving First World War Ambulances

Deborah Pitts Taylor was ahead of her time. A woman who believed in female empowerment, she drove First World War ambulances in Brockenhurst, England, transporting convoys of wounded ANZAC soldiers to the hospital.

Her granddaughter Dr. Janet Frater and great-granddaughter Deborah Rose, (named after Deborah Pitts Taylor) recently visited The Great War Exhibition to see Women’s War, which highlights Deborah’s contribution to the war.

Janet lived with Deborah as a child, and says that Deborah’s determination to help in the war and do a “man’s job” has empowered her female ancestors. Janet grew up knowing women could do anything, and went on to study medicine at a time when she was one of only 12 women in her class of 60.

The New Zealand Herald interviewed Janet about her Deborah’s contribution to the First Word War, her influence on their family, and the ties they still nurture with the village of Brockenhurst. Please read their article here.

First World War ambulance
Deborah, who drove first world war ambulances, in Brockenhurst during the First World War. (Image courtesy of Auckland War Memorial Museum).

For more information about Women’s War, which closes in mid May, click here.

This stained glass window in St Nicholas church in Brockenhurst depicts the strong ties the Brockenhusrt community formed with New Zealand soldiers.

War in the Holy Lands featured in The Dominion Post

Our new touring exhibition, War in the Holy Lands, was featured in The Dominion Post over the weekend.

War in the Holy Lands, open until late February 2018, follows the experiences of New Zealand soldiers who fought on horseback across the ancient Holy Lands of Sinai and Palestine during the First World War.

Read the article here.

War in the Holy Lands - Great War Exhibition

Deaf Students Enjoy Great War Exhibition

A Newlands College Deaf class recently enjoyed touring The Great War Exhibition and neighbouring Pukeahu National War Memorial Park with Andy Glanville, an education facilitator. Joy Howard, a New Zealand Sign Language Communicator, accompanied them, translating Andy’s tour into sign language as they went.

Their visit featured in their local newspaper, the Independent Herald.

The Exhibition is well-suited to Deaf learners, because it brings the war to life through visual displays such as movie-like war sets, wartime objects and colourised images.

To book an education tour for your class, click here.