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Passchendaele Exhibition – NZ Herald

The New Zealand Herald visited our temporary Passchendaele exhibition this morning, and captured the essence of the exhibition on video.  Camera man Matt Mitchell talks with Steve La Hood, Director Story Inc. who spearheaded the team of companies that created the exhibition.

Steve says, “We explore the darker side of the war, less commemoration and more explanation of what really did go on. All of the dialogue you hear is verbatim. This is what people said, wrote or spoke about after the war.”

Quotes from diaries and letters have been recorded so visitors can hear the ‘voices’ of Passchndaele’s soldiers as glimpses of the battle flash across four screens.

Passchendaele – New Zealand’s Darkest Day is a new temporary exhibition about Kiwis’ experiences in the battle. The great grandson of one soldier describes the battle as “probably one of the most extreme human experiences one could ever imagine”.

Jack Gradwell has loaned his great grandfather’s bayonet and camera to the exhibition as a way of creating a more personal connection for visitors.

To see the NZ Herald’s video and article click here.

Photo: Mark Mitchell films Steve La Hood with Jack Gradwell, whose great-grandfather’s camera and bayonet are part of the Passchendaele exhibition.

Passchendaele – New Zealand’s Darkest Day runs until mid December 2017. Click here for more information.

Joint Ticket with Space Place

Buy your family pass to two of Wellington’s favourite attractions!

The Great War Exhibition have joined forces with Space Place at Carter Observatory to provide a special family pass. From the tanks and trenches of WWI, to the giant planetarium and telescopes looking up into space and beyond, you and your family can now experience these two world-class attractions – at a great price.

 The family pass includes: 

  • Entry to The Great War Exhibition for 2 adults and 3 children, a guided tour and 3 complimentary Great War Secret Missions per family.Great War Exhibition Secret Mission
  • Entry to Space Place for 2 adults and 3 children, including a planetarium show, and night time telescope viewing (weather dependent).
  • A 10% discount at these Museums Wellington Stores: Space Place, Wellington Museum (formerly City and Sea Museum), and the Cable Car Museum.

With all this for only $80 (usually $100), this is one family pass you don’t want to miss! Tickets are for 2 adults and three children and valid for 90 days from your date of purchase.

Book online here or buy your family pass at Space Place or The Great War Exhibition.

Please feel free to contact our friendly staff for more information by phoning +64 4 9782500 or emailing Info@GreatWarExhibition.nz