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Palestine Exploration Fund features War in the Holy Lands

Photographs from the Palestine Exploration Fund of London were used by Story Inc. and Dusk in creating our latest touring exhibition, War in the Holy Lands, which tells the story of New Zealanders serving in the Middle East in the First world War.

Palestine Exploration Fund features War in the Holy Lands on blog

This blog post on the Palestine Exploration Fund’s website examines the exhibition, which tells heart-wrenching tales, often in the soldier’s own words. Here are a  few excerpts from the post:

“The exhibit uses six big projection screens and an immersive audio environment to create a powerful visitor experience out of still imagery and first-hand verbatim accounts of soldiers’ experiences.”

“Other moments that pack an emotional punch in War in the Holy Lands come from the stories about the bonds between the men and their horses.

We’d hear a heavy smack and know a horse had been hit. Mostly they were hit through the stomach and would just shake themselves a little. The owner would take the saddle off immediately, for it was always a mortal wound. The horse would nose around among his mates, shake himself, and five minutes later roll on the sand. It was the beginning of the end.”

— Captain Arthur Rhodes, New Zealand Mounted Rifle Brigade, World War 1

See the full Palestine Exploration Fund article here.

Holy Lands World War One in Egypt - Palestine Exploration Fund

War in the Holy Lands – Cook Strait News

Our latest touring exhibition, War in the Holy Lands featured in the Cook Strait News in late December. Reporter Jamie Adams interviewed James McLean, one of the creators from Story Inc., who co-produced War in the Holy Lands and many of our other touring exhibitions.

War in the Holy Lands runs until 20 February 2018 and shows a side of the Middle East that our soldiers never learned about in Sunday school. Read the article below or here.


Cook Strait - War in the Holy Lands
Jamie Adams interviews James McLean, whose silhouette is featured as General Allenby behind them in shadow play.

War in the Holy Lands Opens

War in the Holy Lands, a dynamic audio-visual touring exhibition, opened today, with members of the public saying the exhibition was ‘sobering’ and ‘thought-provoking’.

War in the Holy Lands is open until late February 2018 and follows the experiences of New Zealand soldiers who fought on horseback across the ancient Holy Lands of Sinai and Palestine, during the First World War.

Images of New Zealanders serving in the Middle East are accompanied by narrated extracts from soldiers’ journals and letters home, testifying of the hardships of extreme temperatures, swarms of flies, and the rampant malaria they encountered. Shadow play projected onto ‘tents’ helps dramatise the lives of soldiers in the Holy Lands, and changing maps show the progress of their journey as the war unfolded.

The exhibition was featured on Newstalk ZB news this morning. For more information about War in the Holy Lands,  please click here.