The Trench – NZ Army News

The Army News featured an article about our new The Quinn’s Post Trench Experience,  after editor Judith Martin visited The Great War Exhibition for a taste of Gallipoli.

Here is what Judith says about The Trench,

“The whiff of death, cordite and Galliploi vegetation swirls through the tight confines of the Quinn’s Post Trenches.”

“The Quinn’s Post Trench experience has been created by Sir Peter Jackson, and it shows. It is a combination of his genius ability at spinning yarns, but also encompasses his passion for First World War military history, and making the experiences of Great  War soldiers come alive.”

The article is below. This complete edition of NZ Army News is available here.  The Trench Experience  was created by Sir Peter Jackson and his WingNut Films team. To book The Quinn’s Post Trench Experience please click here.NZ Army News - The Trench