Tranzit Travel Club in for Diggers Brew

A delegation from the far off, exotic land of Palmerston North visited The Great War Exhibition this week. Pam and her friends were part of a group from the Tranzit Travel Club, an organisation that specialises in helping seniors see the sights.

Fresh off the bus, they loaded up on rations in the form of a Digger’s Brew in our Home Shores cafe before shipping out to the Western Front – albeit safely and soundly on a guided tour. For some, this was the first time they had been given an opportunity to learn about the First World War in great depth, and they were quick to engage our guides in conversation about the causes of the conflict. We hope they enjoy the rest of their trip.

Photo, from left to right: Lorraine Butler, Pam Rice, Brenda Whiteman, Gaye Mercer, Larry Mercer.